Tips for the Holiday Season

Although home renovation requires a lot of time and money to upgrade or to make the changes in the house, particularly, when it comes to the holiday season, however, if you are aware of the quick DIYs, you may be able to achieve all that in a limited budget and time.


Festivity and candles often go hand in hand; this means that if you want to brighten the mood of the gatherings and home ambiance, different types of candles can play a big role in that. For example, a group of unscented candles can be placed in the center of the dining table, or in the living room to enhance the vibe of the house. There are different types of fragrances available in the market; the trick is to opt for the option you have tried before rather than experimenting with the new ones.

Cozy Fabric

If you want to add to the wintery theme of the house, it is best to substitute the existing linen with the warm fabric. For example, the pillow cases and the blankets in winter tones will not only help to create an appropriate feel, but it would help you to maintain the temperature and make the environment cozy for the guests. Moreover, the big size blanket can also be used to decorate the Christmas tree.


Update the Art Pieces

If you can afford to buy new art pieces, it is definitely the right time for you to update the art collection, however, if you are looking to spend less on that, you can shop for the pieces that are within your range or go to a less popular place to get great discounts. The main purpose of the renovation is to find the pieces that would add to the beauty of holiday and winter season. Similarly, the photo frames of your collection can also be changed to give an impression of new art, as it is relatively cheaper to replace them.

Warm Beverages Bar

This may sound a little extravagant to you, but setting up a small station or bar in one of the corners of the house doesn’t have to too expensive or big. For example, if you have a table or counter like structure, it could be used as the station for keeping the supplies of cocoa, tea and coffee to welcome your guests with a warm cup of beverages.


Christmas tree for the Bedroom

If you are one of the lazy ones who likes to stay in bed yet you want to enjoy  festivities of the holiday seasons, getting a Christmas tree for one of the bedrooms can help you to achieve that. However, if you are particular, when it comes to the color scheme of the house, the tree could be color coordinated with the interior of the bedroom. Furthermore, some of the people prefer to go with a contrasting combination, no matter what your choice or preferences is, the main point is to add something related to the holiday season to your bedroom

DIY Fragrances for the Home

This one is often utilized by those who like to bake or cook in the house, as they are the experts when it comes to using the produce or elements of the kitchen to decorate the home in terms of adding a unique feature. However, if you are someone who is not very good at cooking or creating DIY fragrances for the home, the orange slices could be used as an organic air freshener for the house. Similarly, lemon skins are also a very good source of fragrance for the house.


Elements from Nature

This option is pertinent for those who are interested in upgrading the house without having to spend large sums of money on the new stuff or for those who simply prefer plants and flowers over the inorganic ornaments or pieces of décor. The main point is to get the plants from your garden and flowers into the ambiance of the house to create an organic feel for the winter season.  Another plus is that it will help to make the environment clean and fresh for the people inside, especially if you can’t keep the windows and door open due to the coldness outside.

Faux Panels

These panels are a good substitute of expensive panels, which are hard to install and maintain in the house. If you really want to highlight the best wall or section of the house, the faux panels are probably one of the preferred options to make the chosen part of the house stand out from rest of the decorations or changes. This may help to create a toasty feeling too, if you don’t have the right pieces or haven’t been able to make the needed changes, the installment of the faux panels can save from making many mistakes.


Wooden Display

The use of wood to décor the house is recommended for those who have a fireplace in the house, the firewood can be organized in such a manner that it creates an appeal of a bonfire or any other wintery theme you have in the mind. Moreover, the firewood would be stored in a tidy way to help you with the organization and it will come handy whenever you need to use the firewood. Furthermore, a non-working fireplace can also be created if you organize the wood logs in the way that would create an impression of a fireplace in addition to storing your wood log supply for the season.


Fairy lights

These lights will not only create a soft glow, but the fairy lights wrapped around the doors or mantel of the house can help to highlight the significant parts of the house. For example, some of the homeowners prefer to drape the window panes, entryways of the house with twinkling lights, as it helps to welcome the guests in the warmest way.


The bedding of the guest is also one of the neglected areas of the house. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the layers of fabric in terms of getting the right fabric, and color combination for the guests. In addition, if you take care of the bedding in the best possible way, you would be surprised to find out that a large amount of money spend on the heating system of the bedrooms can also be saved to an extent.